Tiger and Great hammerhead expedition

Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is with no question the best place to encounter huge sharks from up close in a safe way . Even for not extremely experienced shark divers . We do unlimited diving from...

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Bahamas , Tiger Beach

max 9 people

29. November - 5. December 2022


3,600 €

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About the trip

Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is with no question the best place to encounter huge sharks from up close in a safe way. You do not need to be a professional shark divers do dive here with us. We do unlimited diving from the morning until the evening. There is always someone from our team underwater taking care of the sharks and your safety. The water is usually very clear and sometimes you see more than 5 species of sharks in one direction view which makes this incredibly special place a perfect spot for photographers. Just to make sure we are all on the same page, we do only no cage diving encounters so be ready to get up close with these creatures. 

“ Even a bad dive on tiger beach is one of the best dives of your life! There is nothing like a feeling when a 6 meter Great Hammerhead shark is passing just next to you or a tiger shark coming to check you out from up close. Learning more and more about the behavior of this species is making our encounters better every time we jump in the water. ‘’


  • close encounter with Tiger shark , Great Hammerhead , Bull shark , Lemon shark , Caribbean Reef shark , Nurse shark
  • shark behaviour and body language information
  • tiger sharks taking turns on the bait
  • great visibility
  • Perfect photography opportunity
  • lemon sharks circling the boat full time
  • oceanic dolphins on the way to tiger beach



8 day(s)


cosy 20m liveaboard vessel, shared cabins , 2 bathrooms

Number of dives

unlimited diving


food and drinks are all included during the expedition on the boat


warm water 25degrees , mild currents, 30m+ meter visibility

Skill requirement

advanced diver 50+ dives , prior shark experience required

Pick up location

Palm beach international airport (we will pick you up at this airport and drop you off at the end of our trip . During the trip we will take care of everithing )


on the boat (check expedition gallery for accomodation photo )


Bahamas , Tiger Beach

Bahamas , Tiger Beach


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