Lucia started diving as a child and never gave up the passion for it. She worked as a professional dive guide and a dive instructor in several places, but her purpose was always more conservation than just the enjoyment of the ocean.

This little human spent weeks on seafood markets counting and collecting data about a shark finning industry. She works with and supports organizations which are protecting our sharks and whales from illegal actions

She is also working in collaboration with many conservation organizations to teach divers how to successfully plant coral gardens and how to help fight pollution. She is traveling the world chasing the most extraordinary events in the ocean to photograph the animals she is lucky to encounter.

The decision to start a BLUE RELIGION organization came to her mind when she decided to create a platform that aims to connect the conservation, education and pure enjoyment of the ocean. She wants to give people a chance to feel the ocean just as she has and share her passion and knowledge so they can find their own love and understanding for the BLUE."

"As soon you find a love for something, you are willing to do anything to protect it."

Lucia Baranova


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